THANK GOD (A Reclamation Project)

So much to be thankful for,
That’s why I say it, nothing more,
No bearded man up in the sky,
No entity, no reason why,
No dogma, no theology,
Just thankful’s a good way to be,
So no,
I do not find it odd,
If now and then I say thank God,
There’s so much to be thankful for,
That’s why I say it,
Nothing more.

If you don’t get just what I say,
Let me put it another way,
Just because I don’t believe in God,
Does not mean I’m not humbled and awed,
By the great whole wide world we share,
By wonders I see everywhere,
It’s natural that me and you,
Want something to be thankful to,
So we made it up, we made a name,
A symbol there to love or blame.

But I like the word, I think it’s nice,
A sound literary device,
No spirit, no nor entity,
The word God is just you and me,
Represents all that we can be,
Our collective thoughts and energy,
No church, no heaven; all that’s absurd,
And truly just pollutes the word,
The word God should mean so much more,
Should show what we’re all thankful for.

God is not good, God is not great,
Got is not angry or irate,
And if you think, I’m sure you’ll find,
God only exists in your mind,
No need to confess or pray,
Just learn to think another way,
Accept who you are and how you’ve been,
There is no original sin,
God is a word, and nothing more,
To show what we’re all thankful for.