Another random trip, man.

It seems like only yesterday I was posting about the one year anniversary of Random Misanthrope, which had come and gone without any of us realizing it. And now the two-year mark just past and the exact same thing happened.

Wow, has it really been two whole years? Things have quietened down significantly over the previous year and most members of RM no longer contribute, though Blitzken and I still delight or annoy our readers with the occasional poem. In fact, Blitzy posted a short but poignant piece on the 11th of April, which is Random Misanthrope’s birthday:

A thimble-full or Therapy or What I’ve Learned in 50 Years

We posted a total of 187 posts since the previous anniversary. We’re averaging approximately 15 posts per month, although for some months our output was a low as seven posts. The most productive month was November 2012, in which a total of 27 posts were posted.

So, we’re not as busy as we used to be, but we’re still making noise. 🙂

A trip down memory lane…

It’s pingback time on Random Misanthrope. Be prepared.

Amazingly, the one year anniversary of RM came and went without anyone noticing. Back then it was called Project Mayhem, which was the name of a previous multi-blog writing project started up by High Priestess Kang, myself, and the marvelous Ming. (Whatever happened to her?) That project was abandoned after about six weeks, so keeping this current blog going for over a year has been quite a feat, and therefore a little nostalgia is called for.

After a month or so we realised that there are several intentities on teh intarwebz called “Project Mayhem,” which meant that we had to change the name to something totally original. Eventually we settled on Random Misanthrope. Before then however, on the 6th of April, 2011, the first ever Project Mayhem/Random Misanthrope post was posted by High Priestess Kang. It was called, appropriately, “…and she’s back!”

There have been a few changes since then. We have lost one founding member and there was a lot of drama associated with that, none of which ended being shared here (thank goodness). We had a lot of great ideas but very few of them were carried through to the present date. For example, in the beginning I took it upon myself to write a Word of the Day post every single day, but only managed to keep it up for about three months. One thing I’ve learned about keeping a blog is to not make any promises to the reader. I “promised” several times to get back to posting regular WOTD updates, but I never actually did.

The Month of April 2011 was the busiest month on RM, with a total of 129 posts. And no wonder. It was our first month and we were all so full of energy and enthusiasm for the project. Exactly one year ago today, on the 19th of April 2011, we posted three updates:

Word of the Day: Hopefully
<–by Miss Kitten

…fuck Time Warner Cable <–a great rant by High Priestess Kang

McJobs: The Road to Recovery
<–by Shark

Where does the time go…

Random Misanthrope reviewed on Jingle Poetry!

Here’s some exciting and unexpected news concerning our little slice of internet real estate. We’ve been featured on Jingle Poetry’s Review Tuesday. It’s been a few months since Blitzken and I began submitting our poetry to the site, and we’ve developed quite a little following as a result. However, it’s a great honor for the entire blog to be featured and reviewed by the site. After all, Ken and I are only two of the contributors.

Here’s the text of the review:

Today I am going to be reviewing a blog called Random Misanthrope. First of all, we all know what random means, but misanthrope, who knows what that means? I find it an ironic contrast to the first poem I happened to read on the blog. It means the general disliking.
After further investigating, however, the titled may have and probably does have, deeper meaning. There is not one, but several authors to this WordPress blog. The collective authors of this blog are Blitzken, Dock Ellis, High Priestess Kang, Miss Kitten, Moozey and Shark.
Though the layout it clean, organized and altogether appealing, I think the depth of the site is more than it’s outward appearance. After reading the about section, you definitely get a more clear view of the blog. It is a risen remnant so to speak of a previous, by the sound of it, larger community. The about section as just as interesting a read as some of the poems are. It gives a great feel for the blog and encases you much as a poem should. It lets you feel a part of their strive to rebuild and reclaim themselves.
This blog has been running since about April of this year, but apparently took several years to surface itself after the diminish of the original site where these authors came from.
Their poetry skills are quite amazing and are easily relatable, I enjoyed the poems quite well. I don’t believe there is a whole lot more to be said than the fact that this blog should be read. To the authors I have to say one thing, keep writing and you will go far.

We’re not planning on stopping anytime soon! This review is a fantastic piece of encouragement for us to keep on writing. We thank RobinElizabeth58 at Jingle Poetry for featuring us.