…and she’s back!

Do I spring into the room with a flourish to announce my return or should I simply lay in wait in see what develops?  Such critical decisions, yes?

Shortly before the Kanglet arrived, I decided to drive the knife through the heart of KangWorld.  I’m still a bit concerned about exposure since I’m all mom-like now and thus very protective of my real life persona but staying quiet is just.  killing.  me.  There is far too much noise in my noggin, far too many experiences that need to be catalogued and documented for all perpetuity, far too many words begging to be formed into the meatball that is one of my musings.

/me raises tiny fist and says “I wish I knew how to quit you!”

So, I’m back with a bucketful of new experiences to share, a passel of jumbled thoughts and the visceral need to scribble down everything.  Hopefully, I will be able to deliver more than intermittent profundity and random quirky observations.

2 thoughts on “…and she’s back!

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