Right here, right now

We’re deeper than we know
If we can only let go
Of the present,
Our thoughts
Our judgments
Preventing us
From being here and now,
The moment,
That we’re in,
Physical sensations
On our skin,
Not yesterday
And all of its regret,
Nor tomorrow
And all that’s not happened yet,
But right here, right now,
And what it has to say,
Because one foot in tomorrow,
And one in yesterday,
Means you just end up pissing on today.

and so I walked…

And so I walked,
To ease the tension and stress,
To clear my head,
To give the feelings someplace to go,
And something else to do,
And as I walked I listened to Eckhart Tolle’s
The Power of Now,
Because I thought it would help me relax.
He talked, as I walked, and he explained
About egos, and identities, and the pain-body,
About being present, really and truly present,
About the time clock, and the psychological clock,
About the pointlessness of the past and the future,
About how to meditate to connect with the oneness,
About how we are not our minds,
That we can be the observer, that watches the thinker,
And after about an hour and a half of walking,
I realized that I had unclenched my teeth,
And my pace had slowed dramatically,
To match my own body’s natural rhythm,
and still I walked….