christmas day

on christmas day my heart swells slightly
thoughts and memories held too tightly
things that fade yet won’t erase
sometimes take too large a place
looking inward reaching outward
oft drawn back though striving forward
wiser now through my life’s sum
grateful for christmas yet to come
and for the peace that greets this dawn
the goodwill born of christmas morn
on this day amidst the fluff and fuss
we muster up the best of us
hearts open pure and shed their guise
the world is seen through different eyes
for just this moment we see clearly
not just those that we hold dearly
with christmas spirit we are aware
of all with whom this world we share
we’re aware though temporarily
of the deepness of humanity
the best we are without divide
when pettiness is put aside
when love rules all we get to see
the utmost that we all can be
and that is why we sometimes say
it should be christmas every day

Christmas in the Bone

Christmas Day
On my way to work
6:45 a.m.
The only other people
Beggars and workers
I have my giant Marshall headphones on
Listening to Marc Maron interview
Elvis Costello
But as I go
About my day, making coffee
Dealing with food and medicine
And issues
There’s an undertone
That lies in the bone
Surfacing on the 25th of the 12th
Falling down from my shelf
To heart and soul
For I’ve no control
Something I can’t deny
Even if I try
This feeling of Peace and Goodwill
Of all humankind
As one
Like Christmas day in WW1
A seasonal warning
Echoes of Scrooge
His epiphany on Christmas morning
A gladness like no other
Every person sister or brother
In this great wave of humanity
This blesséd sea
Every you and every me
Love expounded in every way
On Christmas Day.