Silly Manifesto!


We need a silly manifesto!
In order to bring out our besto!
The world seems a mean and ugly place,
Then along comes Boaty McBoatface!
People cheered, a collective yay!
We need some laughs in the world today!
The public voted, but ho ho ho,
Now they’re trying to say no no no,
Why is that the powers that be,
Can’t see we just need some levity?
They hold all the cards, true pirate style,
Can we not at least chuckle and smile?
I declare that right here, and right now,
We spread silly everywhere somehow!
For instance, we’ll take the IMF,
And call them the Funny Money Ref!
The UN Security Council,
Herein known as “Results Are Doubtful”!
The Panama Papers now are known,
As Treasure Maps To Where Tax Money’s Blown!
Let’s take anything that’s serious,
And name it something that’s fun for us,
Come on now, set your brains to action,
Let’s get some giggly satisfaction!