Full Circle

It’s hard to know what to say…

At this point, pretty much
everything that could be
said about it,

has been said.

So what else is there?


Last year in the midst
of all the ten year
anniversary hype,

I suggested that maybe
it’s about time we got over it.

But thinking about it still hurts.
I don’t think we will ever
truly get over it.

Some people say America deserved it.

Last year someone I know
mentioned on facebook
that 9-11 is the day the
whole world sucks America’s cock.

Others refuse to believe that
we live in a world where
these kinds of events,

just happen randomly.

It’s somehow more comforting
to believe that it was
planned all along.

But I will not entertain
the idea of a conspiracy.

At this point
after everthing that could
have been said about it,

has been said.

All I know for sure is
is that is today is
a Tuesday,

and it happened on a Tuesday.

Full Circle

And thinking about it still
hurts my soul.