No! A fence? But…

Seriously, man, what’s with the fence?
Is your paranoia so intense,
You actually thought we were watching you?
Does that seem like something we would do?
Whatever you’re doing, we do not care.
Having cocaine sex parties over there?
Walking around in just your underwear?
Walk around naked while you’re at it,
Because we simply do not give a shit.
We’re just sitting here minding our own.
Not thinking of you. No interest shown.
Never talking to you, except saying, “Hi!”
And then you freak out and wonder why,
We actually said hello to you.
That’s simply what nice people do.
But you didn’t like it, not at all.
So much so, you built a wall,
To keep you safe from all the spies.
And from all those other prying eyes.
A BIG WALL to keep out Peeping Toms,
About as subtle as an atomic bomb.
A expensive stupid social blunder.
But now we cannot help but wonder.
Just what is it that you’re trying to hide?
What’s really going on inside?
We didn’t care at all before,
You built that wall.
Now we want to know more.

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