Go Fuck Yourself Weekly: The Anti-Muslim, Anti-Syrian Refugee Brigade

OMG you stupid fucking fucks.  You googling simpletons.  You idiotic keyboard warriors.  You ignorant, bigoted fucksticks.  You insufferable, simple-minded, tea-bagging hard-ons.  For the love of whatever it is you worship, cut it the fuck out with the ISIS/WASWAS bullshit!

We can all agree that ISIS/Daesh/whatever is a cadre of lunatics.  Yes.  That’s about as much courtesy as I’m going to extend.  That’s it.  That’s all you’re getting from me.

When I posted the ISIS/WASWAS meme, I did so as an indictment of Ronald Reagan’s fuckery.  He was given the Go Fuck Yourself Weekly award.  I told his ilk to go fuck itself, too.  Note…I didn’t even suggest it.  I wasn’t polite about it, either.  I meant it.  Go.  Fuck.  YOURSELF.  Method of fucking irrelevant.  Fuck yourself with a dildo.  Fuck yourself with a butt-plug.  Fuck yourself with your neighbor’s shoe.  Fuck yourself with a fluorescent light bulb.  Fuck yourself with a tent stake.  Fuck yourself with your gun.  I don’t care.  Just go fuck yourself.  Quietly.

I repeat...

I repeat…

Now, après-Paris, the ISIS/WASWAS hits are higher than ever.  I chuckle when I see the stats and think “I wonder what these sacks of nobs think if they bother to read the piece?”  Then I remind myself that they likely rank considerably low on the reading comprehension scale and sigh.  These people who land on Random Misanthrope because my stupid fucking meme happens to be el numero uno on an image search don’t quite understand history.  They certainly aren’t going to agree with my perspective.  They just want blood and validation of their hate.

ZOMG! Let's find another reason to hate brown people!!!111!

ZOMG! Let’s find another reason to hate brown people!!!111!

Very well.  But I don’t have to give it to them.

What I can give them is this:  Random Misanthrope’s Go Fuck Yourself Weekly award.  And why?  Because I despise their way of thinking.  Because I despise their politics.  Because I find bigotry so fucking offensive, I cannot even describe the intensity of my rage without sounding like I have Tourette’s.

It is well within their right to morph into some Francophile now that a tragedy fits their narrative.  It’s well within their right to revert to calling frites French Fries instead of Freedumb Fries.  It’s well within their right to fly the French flag beneath their American flag and their confederate flags.  Just as it’s well within my right to openly mock them on the most juvenile level possible because, as we have learned, it is imperative to write to the level of one’s audience.

I mean it, fuckers.

I mean it, fuckers.

(unedited, not proofed because I just don’t give a fuck)

2 thoughts on “Go Fuck Yourself Weekly: The Anti-Muslim, Anti-Syrian Refugee Brigade

  1. From a comment from a facebook friend, “Quit trying to justify why people need to accept Muslims. We don’t need them. We don’t want them.”

    Okay, so basically you think Muslims are not actual people. That’s exactly how it begins. First we label them. Then we dehumanize them. Then we round them up and put them in camps. It’s Nazism 101.

    • :stammers:

      After Trump’s comments and my ensuing tantrum yesterday, I left the house in tears and took off for what turned out to be a ten mile walk. If reality hadn’t settled in (you have a job, m’lady), I think I would have turned into Forrest Gump and kept on going because I cannot take this shit any longer. I just can’t.

      What is it that we rational people are seeing that the irrational are not? The dots are not hard to connect. Granted, I did have many years of religious schooling where this message was drilled deeper into my head than scripture, itself. My discrimination detector is hyper-calibrated to the point where I overreact (but it’s not like Jews don’t have a reason to be skittish) at times.

      The current climate in the US is legitimately terrifying. I’m trying to keep calm, reach out to friends who post Britain First bullshit (and other tripe) and educate them via analogy. It feels like an exercise in futility.

      Alas, my marching orders are my marching orders. What I learned in temple cannot be rejected. I may be the world’s laziest and worst Jew when it comes to scripture but when it comes to humanity, I might actually be a decent one. Never forget; never again applies to everyone. And, I’m pointing my octopus arm at my fellow Jews who fear Muslims because of their irrational contempt for Palestinians, too.

      What is it going to take to make people understand the simple fact that people are fleeing a fucking nightmare? How hard is it to provide basic shelter, food and safety? With every subsequent attack, instead of saying “See…I’m not going to let these terrorists into my country!” why can’t people say “Holy fuck. The people on the run have a reason to be afraid. We have an obligation to help.”

      And if I hear one more person say “We’ll accept Christian Syrians…” so help us all. I am only but so restrained.

      :shakes with anger:

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