Go Fuck Yourself Weekly: Ronald Reagan and His Sheeple

Thinking.  You’re doing it wrong.  Alternatively, not at all.

Good grief.  The stupid...it is powerful.

Good grief. The stupid…it is powerful.

This shit popped up today.  Isn’t it just sooooooo funny‽  Don’t you see the fucking hilarity of it all?  If Ronald Reagan was alive, ISIS would be WASWAS!!!!   ZOMG – The sheer brilliance of it all!  King Ronnie would shepherd his flock to safety.  He would save the world!  No more pesky and nagging threats from radical religious fundamentalists with a thirst for blood and an unyielding need for decapitating human beings.  Peace on Earth shall be.  Finally.  And after that, King Ronnie would quickly rid the world of the scourge that is Welfare Queens in Escalades.  Although, he’ll only do that to those who are of color.  White, corporate welfare queens; you are safe.  Kindly resume life in your ivory towers giving zero fucks about the struggle outside the moat.  It is not yours to manage.

And this is why Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler than you.

And this is why Rainbow Dash is 20% cooler than you.

What these people who post this tripe fail to understand is that Al-Qaeda and its bastard children are the fucking product of Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy.  In the spirit of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Ronald Reagan armed, trained and developed the militia that is now Al-Qaeda (and subsequent splinter groups cum bastard children).  This is a fucking fact.  Yet, it’s so oft overlooked, I wonder where my generation was when this was in the news?  Oh wait – outside playing until the street lights come on.  That’s right.  I forgot about the series of memes waxing idiotic about the good old days when it was acceptable to beat your kids and kids didn’t sit in front of screens all of the time.  Also, do homework.

And, furthermore, how was Reagan going to deal with ISIS?  Was he going to deploy that monument to awesome military strategy taught to all West Pointers?  You know the one I’m talking about – running away like a fucking coward when 241 Marines were slaughtered in Beirut?

These people who think Ronald Reagan was the Second Coming (more like the Second Coming of Lucifer if you happen to be religious) seemingly overlook all that was wrong with the 80s.  They forget about the bullshit that is “Trickle Down Economics.”  Fuck that.  Why should any of us have to wait for a fucking trickle?  Why didn’t anyone ask that question?  You work hard.  You think a trickle is an acceptable reward for your labor?  This bitch doesn’t.  This bitch, like many other bitches, doesn’t break her back so an executive can have a golden parachute.

Iran/Contra.  I could go on for hours about that because I listened to every single hearing during the summer of 1987.  I’m emotionally scarred.  My shrink has advised me not to go back to that point in time.

The dissolution of the family farm.  Now, we have agricorporations.  It’s not unlike the health care model Nixon and Kaiser developed in the 70s.  Shut out the little guys, allow the big corporations to take over and *presto* instant monopoly, albeit legal.

These are mere highlights of one of the absolute worst things to befall this country.  And people line up to metaphorically gargle the balls of Saint Ronnie’s corpse.  Not even Nancy would go that far (unless her astrologer told her to).

So, for those spreading the ISIS/WASWAS, for those who ache for the golden era of Ronald Reagan and for Ronald Reagan and his political cabinet (less James Brady) – CONGRATULATIONS, MOTHERFUCKERS.  You are the recipient of this week’s Go Fuck Yourself Weekly award.

Don't like it?  There's the door, sugartits.

Don’t like it? There’s the door, sugartits.

5 thoughts on “Go Fuck Yourself Weekly: Ronald Reagan and His Sheeple

  1. If a Democrat had surrendered to terrorists the way St. Ronnie did after the Beirut bombing, no Democrat would be elected President for the next 100 years.

  2. ISIS would be WASWAS, hello…..BECAUSE BECAUSE….WHY? Clearly the ignorant viewpoint of people who don’t share my passion for one of Gary Trudeau’s best Doonesbury books “In Search Of Reagan’s Brain”, a title of prediction if there ever was one. I tried to post a pic of the book cover here, because it’s so great, but couldn’t manage it.
    Now Nixon was a bastard. A mealy-mouthed dark creature of a man, but we all got our pants in a huff because of some small time break-ins and some tape-recordings with him. (okay, Vietnam, but that’s not all on his shoulders by a long shot). But Iran/Contra??!?! Are you fucking kidding me? Ollie North and the CIA involved in drug trafficking and illicit arms sales? It made Nixon look like a goddamned school boy. And Reagan just smiled that fucking shit-eating grin. The day of his second inauguration I was crippled, doubled-up in pain on my couch with bronchial pneumonia. I’ve always just naturally assumed it was my body’s instinctive reaction to the bullshit overload.
    We got’s memories like sieves, and we forgives, because we’s too fucking dumb to remember.

    • Well, Garry Trudeau is a genius and not solely because he was born on the day of the genius, either. :cough cough cough cough:

      To borrow a phrase from my father, Nixon was a scurrilous bastard if there ever was one. But – he does get a few points for opening the doors to the US for our Overlords, the Chinese. International diplomacy FTW!

      Reagan – what a fucking piece of shit. A waste of protoplasm. A mere salesman for whatever fuckery the true power players were cooking up in the back room. The ideas may not have been his but he sold the bill of goods to the masses so the blood is on his paws. May the hell he burns in be hot, brimming with AIDs and no meds and lead entirely by very angry women who rose from welfare to the C-Suite.

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