We’ve long known our reality,
Hinges on whether we agree,
That what we see is what we see,
Our world’s created mutually,
Assured acts of joint creation,
Helped us build civilization,
Though often I’ve had the sensation,
We’d lose our sense of calibration,
That one day we’d end our progress,
Things would unravel more or less,
But I did not know, I must confess,
It’d come down to the colour of an ugly dress!

The Dress

One thought on “THE DRESS

  1. Here’s what really upsets me the most (since everything is always about me): Periwinkle. People are saying they see periwinkle.

    Oh no you don’t, motherfuckers. Periwinkle has been my favorite color since I can remember memories of anything. And my memory is good. Eerily good. Go ask my mommy. She’ll tell you.

    Periwinkle is my DOMAIN. Everyone step the fuck back from periwinkle and leave that motherfucking crayon for me (I even hide it from Milkface). GOT IT???

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