Suspend the prose.  Suspend the creative process.  All I can do is get on my soap box (well…box of soap containing bottles of CeraVe) and just look at the world with disbelief. And shock.  And disgust because I’m usually disgusted by humanity.

Hyper Cacher happened.  I started thinking humanity doesn’t deserve religion because we don’t play well with it.

Shortly thereafter, the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz happened.  My feelings about that aren’t any different than any Jew (practicing or non) or any human being with a soul and a shred of decency.

In response to these things, I found myself rooting through my massive piles of jewelry (because all Jews have tons of gold at their disposal – not just sewn in the hems of their clothes) and plucked out a necklace with the Magen David charm and put it on.  Not because I’m a religious Jew but to send a message that I am a Jew, that this Jew is not going anywhere and that this Jew made another Jew who will likely breed at some point. My father, also not observant, had started wearing his Magen David a while ago.  Maybe it’s our way of telling the bigots to fuck off?  Neither my father nor I are random people. We’re deliberate people and, chances are, if we’re doing something – our actions have meaning; we’re sending a message.

For reasons which have no place in this post, I crawled into bed very early last night, pulled the blankets over my head and avoided reality.  I also spent a good amount of time unplugged yesterday.  It was a Mommy-Milkface Day.  I did not see the news until I woke up.  And, before we go any further, because I’m so awesome and American news is anything but, most of my sources for news are foreign.

From Haaretz:

Danish police shoot and kill suspect in fatal attacks on synagogue, cafe

One dead in Copenhagen synagogue shooting, hours after man killed at free speech event; Danish PM condemns ‘cynical act of terror,’ says: ‘When the Jewish community is attacked, all of Denmark is attack.’


The shooting at the synagogue in Copenhagen (one of my most favorite places on Earth) wasn’t the only one.  The precursor was a shooting at a free speech event.

From The Guardian:

Jens Madsen said the killer may have been “inspired by militant Islamist propaganda issued by IS [Islamic State] and other terror organisations”, but it was not yet known whether he had travelled to Iraq or Syria before the attacks.


Honestly, I have no words for this.  None.  I cannot even describe my emotions.

The shit…it needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

2 thoughts on “:stammers:

  1. I don’t know if this is an aside or not. I went to see Night At The Museum 3 the other day, with a beloved and her two daughters. There is a scene where the Egyptian god Rah is speaking with the Ben Stiller character and he says something to the affect of (I saw it dubbed in Swedish because the girls are too young to read subtitles well enough) “Of course we like Jews, we used to own thousands of them!”
    I couldn’t help but wonder, on the spot and since then, is this okay? Was the joke okay because Ben Stiller made the movie? Would the joke be okay if it was for example about black slaves? I dunno. Just kinda irked me and made me wonder about the whole dynamic.

  2. Aaaah…the joke is fine because we Jews are a self-deprecating lot who use humor as a coping mechanism. Or at least most Jews I know do.

    Example: A few years ago, Dock took Milky to get his hair cut. It was summer and Dock decided the style should be short. Fine. He came home looking like he was in boot camp. I was less than pleased with the outcome. As I was relaying this to my father, my father asks “How short? Auschwitz short?”

    Now, some may find that offensive (Jew or gentile) and they’re certainly entitled to be offended. Others might find it funny, as we do. And yes, it can certainly convey a message that it’s ok for gentiles to make jokes when it’s really not. Sorry for that double-standard, y’all. Life is unfair. We get to make jokes and you (not you, personally) don’t. We didn’t ask to be stuffed in ovens by the dozen. Weighing the two – we still got the shorter end of the stick (or schtick, if you please).

    Years ago, 60 Minutes interviewed Mel Brooks. Because he’s a fucking genius, he has profound views on anti-Semitism. I highly recommend reading the excerpt (or trying to find the whole thing online). http://www.cbsnews.com/news/mel-brooks-on-anti-semitism/

    Blah blah blah Ginger blah blah – there’s healing in laughter. There’s also castration in laughter, too. Satire is a really powerful tool.

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