The Allegiance Of Children

The Allegiance Of Children
Cast, as in iron,
Unwavering, strong,
Yet so delicate,
As we prove,
When we wrongly,
Abuse it and force them to
Choose recklessly,
In so many ways,
When we act selfishly,
When the need to be right
Supercedes what is best,
And our actions uncaring,
Put them to the test,
“Do I have to choose mum?
Do I have to choose dad?
Do I have to keep secrets,
I shouldn’t have had?”
We use them as pawns,
In our pathetic plays,
Then they’re left with questions,
For the rest of their days.

2 thoughts on “The Allegiance Of Children

    • I was watching this documentary called Me and Me Dad. It’s made by Katrine Boorman about her dad, John Boorman. He directed such things as Deliverance, Hope & Glory, and Excalibur.
      At his most vulnerable point in the film, John Boorman makes reference to his childhood, when his mother was wooed by two men.
      She chose his father, who had a job and was stable, but she actually really loved the other man, apparently, so when his father went off to war, and the other man didn’t, his mother had an affair, long running, with this other man,
      So John Boorman felt torn. He actually kind of liked the other man, but felt in doing so he was betraying his father. You could still see the emotional torment when he spoke of it at around the age of 80 or so. His emotions was palpable.
      So, all of that brought me to the point of thinking about the allegiance of children, and what a strong and delicate thing it is,and how we toy with it at our own, and clearly their, peril.
      Of course there are countless examples, my own included.

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