Cat Curiosities

She lies down in the mushroom basket.
(Not made of. For carrying in.)
The one lined with crinkly plastic.
Though she can’t fit exactly within.
Just why are all boxes and baskets,
At the top of the cat comfort list?
Seems to me as comfy as a casket.
What do cats find so hard to resist?

2 thoughts on “Cat Curiosities

  1. The snugness part is good, that’s true,
    But the real reason they go through,
    All that twisting, curling that they do,
    Is cuz they know that they’re not supposed to.

    • Yes, that’s probably a big part of it. It was obvious that she was having difficulty getting comfortable because she kept turning around and trying it from different angles. But nothing worked. She finally gave up and went to lie down on the bed.

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