Advice to my nephew turning 30

Thought I’d write some words of wisdom,
But I couldn’t get them to come,
Nonetheless I’m writing this to you,
As it is with that old adage,
Thirty is a rite of passage,
So I’ve jotted down some stuff to get you through,
You’ll be fine, but time will tell,
If no one saw, you never fell,
Karma’s a bitch, but just as well,
For if you scratch an itch, it just might swell,
If it’s what it is, it was meant to be,
But perception is reality,
Half-full or empty’s not the gig,
The problem is your cup’s too big,
Just be yourself, I share your pain,
Don’t bring a towel into the rain,
Knuckle down, it’s not rocket science,
Revolt, or consider compliance,
Doesn’t matter either way,
Tomorrow’s still another day,
In the big picture, we’re all just squat,
A little bit of cosmic snot,
Trouble’s not worth a hill of beans,
And don’t forget to eat your greens.

2 thoughts on “Advice to my nephew turning 30

  1. Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I really love this. You managed to include just about every growing older platitude there is. Well done.

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