Complex Creatures

We are complex creatures,
Beyond our own ken,
Thinking we know ourselves,
But suddenly then,
A memory pops up,
From where we not know when,
And we find ourselves crumbled,
And building again.

4 thoughts on “Complex Creatures

  1. One hundred percent agreed on this one. This happens to me as well, though thankfully not all the time. Nicely written piece. 🙂

    • I was recently reminded of how much I had always wanted a brother. Hadn’t really thought about it for years, but that longing was a formative part of my growing up. When I did start thinking about it I was surprised by how strong the feelings still are.

  2. I must agree 100% with Miss Kitten. I have days, nay months where I’m Great-Aunt Superhero who can do anything and everything and I’m the one that’s being relied on and those days I feel so strong; like nothing can get me down, then one of those memories I thought I’d hidden so well, or that hadn’t even crossed my mind in years pops up and I’m in depressed and angry at self mode for weeks. It seems I have to start from the beginning and it takes a while before I can start rebuilding my self-confidence.
    Very well written piece. Be blessed.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I am amazed not just at the memory, but all of the feelings attached to it. Like a whole little package that I’d stored up on a shelf and it has somehow fallen down and the lid popped open.

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