Down with Stuff!

It’s the First of May!
The day when we say
Down with Stuff
That’s not okay!

Down with oppression!
With harsh regimes.
And down with
Stupid internet memes.

Down with recession!
With the one percents,
Add software
License agreements.

Down with repression!
With economic squeeze,
And down with…


Down With Trees!

(No, not all the trees.
Just the ones
That make me sneeze.)

5 thoughts on “Down with Stuff!

  1. More than nice! Really well written, and balances that fine line between seriousness and light-heartedness, in a world that is burdened with the former, but so in need of the latter. 😉

    • Thank you, Ken! That’s exactly the tone I was going for. That there are lots of serious problems in this world that need solving, but there are also the minor irritations and annoyances that bother us everyday. In both the minor and serious cases, there’s not much that we can do to stop them. At least it seems that way.

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