Spelled Spelled Spelt

Spelled spelled spelt,
May be spelled right.
But to me it looks unkempt.
Don’t mean to start,
A grammar fight,
But it’s got me all verklempt.

Does one say dreamed,
Or is it dreamt?
Depends on where you’re from.
The English prefer,
Their past tense teas.
But Americans like them none.

We’ve spilled.
They’ve spilt
We’ve barbecued.
They’ve grilled.
We’ve stood in line.
They’ve queued.

And spelt to me.
Is not a verb.
It is a type of wheat,
With high protein,
And often served,
As a tasty breakfast treat.

5 thoughts on “Spelled Spelled Spelt

  1. We Canucks revel in our Commonwealth core and spelling, all the while being keenly aware of the practicality of understanding and being forgiving of American spelling. 😉
    I am a bit curious as to how the differences evolved.
    America – where we don’t need “u”.

    • Americans are just more economical with their spelling, I guess.

      I’ve actually had to change my spelling a little because of English friends giving me a hard time about it. Apparently, the English are allergic to the letter Z. Or they are terrified of it.

  2. I’ve had to change burnt to burned in writing and even when I talk. I feel bad for my girls who are born and bred Americans, cos I say certain words and they are English, and have different terms in America. I like this poem:).

    • That’s interesting because I’m American and I’ve always used the word burnt as a transitive verb, as in, “I burnt the toast.”

      I never say dreamt, spilt, or spelt, though.

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