The First Maddy

This light won't come on. Ah, now I see the problem. Unplugged by the cat.

When researching family history,
It’s best to be prepared,
To discover things that might,
Have been better left a mystery.

Buccaneers with treasure caves,
That could be what you came from.
Or maybe they were merchants,
Moving cargo ships of slaves.

The First Maddy in the nation,
Fought the Brits for Independence.
He was a patriotic fellow,
With his own cash crop plantation.

In short he was a slave owner,
As were many who came here,
At that time to make their fortunes,
In the Colonies, or the former.

Tobacco money made him rich.
And though first born in America.
James Maddy died crossing a river,
Proving karma is a bitch.

3 thoughts on “The First Maddy

  1. Wow, that must have been a bit unsettling to discover!
    I know my mom’s side can be traced back to 1610 in New Brunswick, when the initial wave of Acadians came from France. Now thing is I understand that first wave basically included only noblemen and prostitutes, so…………… 😉

  2. Hehe…chances are you are decended from the bastard son of a nobleman and a whore, which is still not as bad as my family. 🙂 My dad’s brothers saw my blog post and have revealed some more information about our family history. The first Maddy born in America was James Maddy, whom I mentioned in the poem, born in Fairfax, Virginia in 1740. He was tobacco plantation owner who fought in the War of Independence. So he was a rich, slave-owning patriot. Sounds like a real founding-father type.

    His father was William Maddy, who was born in Dorston, Hereforshire, England. There’s probably an old church there with his name written down in a registry.

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