Looking for my mojo,
Now where on earth did it go?
It was here a bit ago,
I hate it when it breaks its flow,
Really tough for my ego,
Usually here near my pillow,
Hope it turns up tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “MISSING MOJO

  1. LOLOL! that is too funny! What’s even funnier is that my youngest daughter has named all of her friends with the characters from the Powerpuff Girls and when she got to me the only one left was the villian, Mojo-jojo 😦 Suppose that was on purpose? Just kidding, I know it wasn’t. I just laughed and said “Are you calling me a monkey?” thanks for sharing, Terri

    • Haha, until I went looking for a pic to put with the piece I didn’t know about the Powerpuff Monkey. I had seen him before but didn’t know what he was called.
      For me mojo first was the candy I ate and loved as a boy, and then acquired the blues meaning afterwords. Glad you got a good laugh! 🙂

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