Just one week left!

Just one week left,
And I’m all done,
So bring on all,
The Christmas fun!
The gifts are bought,
The money spent,
The lights are up,
The cards are sent!
I’m ready now,
For Christmas cheer,
Just one week left,
It’s nearly here!

6 thoughts on “Just one week left!

    • Thanks as always, Charles. Stephen Colbert did a really funny bit about “Norway’s crippling butter shortage” which pretty much says it all.

      “America is a buttertopia!…We’ve got so many goddamn types of butter, we even have a product called ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.'”

  1. Yahoo! Bring it baby! There’s been years when I’ve tryed to play it down, but I LOVE the yule season, and the day itself reduces me to a quivering mass of emotion. At this wonderful Christmas Jazz concert last night in Gamla Stan (read one jazz trio, 16 private audience members) they sang The Christmas Song, and the last lines always bring tears to my eyes:
    “and so, I’m offering this simple phrase, for kids, from one to nintey-two,
    although it’s been said, many times, many ways,
    Merry Christmas, to you.”

    Shit, I get weepy just typing it here.

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