Science Confirms (a seasonal reminder)

Science confirms,
To no great alarms,
You must come to terms,
If you’re in her arms,
That you’ll share her germs,
Along with her charms.

6 thoughts on “Science Confirms (a seasonal reminder)

  1. Oh boy, can I relate to this or what…

    I fully expect to be out sick this week. Poor Tobias was ill with the flu over the weekend, though he still managed to have a good time and enjoyed the Thanksgiving/Advent dinner I made on Saturday. On Sunday I made some of the leftover turkey into a soup for him.

    I’ve been exposed, however, big time.

    • Exposed! That would have been a better title, haha.
      The inspiration came from Mr.McC who made the comment that his wife “is very generous with her germs”. 😉

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