What is your dream?

Let us say that money is no consideration and that you had an unlimited amount of it:  What would you do, where would you live?

Hemingway's desk in Key West by squirrelist

I would move to Key West, Florida and live like Ernest Hemingway — drinking and writing, writing and drinking.  My wife and I are in love with Key West, in fact that is where we renewed our vows.  There’s something magical about that place, as though the heat and humidity, the people and scenery prompts your inner muse.

So, what is your dream?


5 thoughts on “What is your dream?

  1. I like the sound of your dream; doesn’t sound bad at all 😉

    I’d move to New Zealand, buy a large piece of land and build a large wood cabin. Own some sheep and cows, have a huge range in the kitchen, a room filled with pillows and cushions (for chilling out on), a speaker system in every room, and a woodburning stove.

    I’d spend my days smoking, drinking expensive red wine, reading and knitting. I’d bake every day, listen to The Smiths and make my own skirts.

  2. I would probably attend random college courses on any and every topic that sounded interesting to me, I would read all the time, and I would keep bowling all the time.

  3. What an interesting and difficult question. Out of the many places I’ve lived I’m trying to think of the one place where I felt the happiest. Actually that place is right here where I am now. Until I moved to Sweden, my life wasn’t a very happy one.

    However, if I didn’t have to teach for a living and didn’t have to worry about money then I’d probably do things like write novels, take some cooking classes, study sculpture and painting, take scuba diving lessons. I would have to keep my mind occupied in some way so I’d take as many classes and workshops as I could.

  4. Yeah, I don’t think I would leave Sweden, but I would certainly upgrade from my cute little apartment. Other than that though, I think I would focus on music and writing. Maybe open a lovely little café with a bookroom, a billiards room, and a stage for performances. 😉

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