Just That Moment

Serendipity, happenstance,
Time ripples free, you somehow glance,
In just that moment,
Just that line,
When circumstance lets things align,
So that all is right,
Warms your heart, lets a smile alight,
Upon your face as if to say,
The Universe nodded your way,
Showed how wonderful it can be,
When touched by serendipity.

4 thoughts on “Just That Moment

  1. I just love the whole idea of serendipity. Good things do sometimes happen purely by chance. And I love the positive upbeat tone of this piece. Well done. 🙂

    • Thanks! The idea has been sitting with me since the other day when I woke after too little sleep, kind of grouchy and having to go to work early, to be greeted in the livingroom by my sister’s 5 year old granddaughter’s smiling face in my moving picture frame. I had forgotten to turn it off. The pictures change every few seconds, so I literally had to come out at just the right moment. It put me in a good mood immediately.

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