Oh Facebook…..

Oh Facebook,
Silly Facebook,
We appreciate your change,
Your attempt to rearrange on our behalf,
Some of us get pissed,
Your changes we  dismiss,
Some of us,
Just rear our heads and laugh.
The truth is,
Come what may,
You have changed our day to day,
We connect now in a way,
Not like before,
So if you want to tweak a bit,
I don’t really give a shit,
You have made communication something more.

14 thoughts on “Oh Facebook…..

  1. Wise words, my friend. It is awfully silly how so many of us get so angry when this one social networking website makes a few minor changes. Yet we cannot help ourselves. We are creatures of the status quo, and this aversion to change leads otherwise intelligent people to stay in bad relationships and other dangerous situations.

    Turn and and face the strain…changes!

  2. We react so strrongly because it means so much to us. It is simply so.
    I could not communicate with my family the way I do without Facebook.
    We expats know better than anyone else how it has changed our lives.

    • Thanks very much! Yeah, it is weird. It reminds me of that comedian, Louis CK. He does a whole bit about our new feelings of entitlement to things that never even existed a little while ago. People on airplanes being upset when the internet connection lags, completely missing that they are experiencing the miracle of flight, and thinking this new invention of internet whilst flying is something can now demand. Crazy!

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