Cuteness should come with a warning…

Come hither...

A fat lump of cuteness
Lies purring on the bed.
With soft underbelly exposed.
Arms and legs outstretched
Like a shameless manipulative
Furry little harlot.
I’m caught in the tractor beam
Of its overwhelming and
Irresistible adorableness.
And my brain explodes
With a pink pop
Into cotton candy.

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26 thoughts on “Cuteness should come with a warning…

  1. Haha, love it. Can’t decide which I like better, furry little harlot (harlot is a great word) or the image of the brain exploding with a pink pop into cotton candy.

    • Thanks! I’m really happy with the “furry little harlot” simile because my cat really is just like that, a totally shameless little “pet me” whore. And I agree, the word harlot is a great word and should be used more often, along with trollop and strumpet.

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  3. How adorable…furry little harlot and a brain exploding into the pink pop of cotton candy….I think the brain thing has happened to me…I have two inside cats and a host of strays I feed. I love this one!

  4. Ah ye, cats have that way of turning your brain into cotton candy as my own cats know well. Of course, sometimes that pose is a lure to grab your rubbing hand and pretend it is their latest catch.


  5. I am so allergic to cats; however, I adore them! This is such a great poem! It reminds me of my friend’s cats, “Mama” and “The Kid”. He called Mama some choice names himself. Ha-ha! xoXox

  6. First I read your post and after that I read your description about yourself… and everything made sense! I enjoyed reading you a lot. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Rally

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