Opinions in Reserve

No revenge, no conspiracies,
This day’s for them,
And for their stories,
There are other days,
For those other things,
Political maneuverings,
But today’s just for memories,
Heartfelt, intent,
From when time did freeze,
For families and individuals,
So many lost,
So many brave souls,
So many futures,
Instantly crushed,
Blown away,
In 9-11’s dust,
So hold your breaths,
Opinions in reserve,
Give these deaths,
The respect they deserve.

11 thoughts on “Opinions in Reserve

  1. Thanks for this, Ken. My thoughts exactly. I wish people would for once put politics and theories of shadow organizations and government plots aside, and just remember that people died that day. Thousands of ordinary people. It’s about those people. Nothing else.

  2. so true…a day to hold our breath and give respect and love to those that lost their lives…and tomorrow we’re talking politics again with this fresh view that only grows from silence..

  3. I have lots of opinions about American patriotism and politics, from before and after 9/11, but today is not the day. I don’t understand why people don’t get that.

    • Thanks for the comment. It was something I found needed to be said throughout the day, as I heard the comments of others distracting from the loss of these people.

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