This is the Central Scrutinizer.

As per our new policy it has been decided that the word Love, in its verb form, is to be removed from use in all languages. This is to take effect immediately, internationally.

This is due in large part to continued shallow and meaningless usage, bordering on empty hyperbole.

Love may continue to be discussed as a subject, and as a concept, however you will no longer be able to say “I love you”, only show it.

This policy decision will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Go forth and show, not say.



  1. The spark came from a conversation that I had with a friend, a young Chinese-Canadian woman. She was talking about how her family never actually says “I love you”, and went on to talk about how ridiculously over-used it can be, especially in North America. I got to wondering about what it would be like if we actually weren’t allowed or able to say it anymore and could only show it through our actions.

  2. I suggest that the word “green” should only be used to describe a color, and all other uses should be forbidden.

  3. I find it interesting because I am a major offender myself. Nevermind the whole emotional/relationship package. “I love this song”, “I love that dress”, “I love what you’ve done with the place”, “I love this food”, and so on and so forth. Since I wrote this piece I have been doing a little experiment with myself and trying to not use the word love as a verb anymore. It’s like it cheapens it, and maybe if I use it more economically it will give the word back its rightful power and breadth, and will also force me to use more descriptive language when talking about things.

  4. I think people do tend to become linguistically lazy, as we are wont to do for just about any situation. We find a routine that works and we’re comfortable with and stick to it. This is why young people tend to describe everything good as “cool” or whatever the equivalent word is these days. Your post has just given me an idea for an in-class assignment for my English students…

  5. Actually, in my opinion, love is free. So, how can it be cheapened? When we love others, we shouldn’t expect anything in return. Love is a free gift. It should be spread lavishly like honey on biscuits. L♥VE is limitless. There is no shortage of love. It comes from a free-flowing fountain. It’s not like you’ll fun out by giving it away. So, don’t be afraid to pay it forward! L♥VE! Love is the greatest and most powerful force on earth. It is the savior of humankind. L♥VE! When all else fails, when the world is falling apart, the universal language, the key that opens all doors, the peace that passes all understanding. Yep, that’s L♥VE! I believe in it! Hey! I L♥VE YOU!!!

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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