coax it, tease it, draw it out,
you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout,
it’s shy, don’t try to use force,
be gentle, let things run their course,
a nudge, a wink, perhaps a hug,
should it play hard to get,
give a playful shrug,
thing is, no matter  what you do,
don’t let it get the best of you,
you may think that it’s not yours to make,
but it’s sitting there for you to take,
flirt with it, give it a smile,
tell it resistance is futile,
sooner or later, with this approach,
you’ll no longer have to goad or coach,
it’ll come to you, one delightful day,
both persistance and patience always pay.

4 thoughts on “CHANGE

  1. Change is good.
    It’s nothing to fear.
    And Coffee is good.
    It puts you in gear.
    But if you fear Change,
    Then just leave it here.
    Help your barista,
    To buy a cold beer.

    (I used to work in a coffee shop.)

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