Shipping and Handling

My new furniture came yesterday!
From IKEA to me, hip hip hooray!
Well, actually, not right to me.
To the closest pick up place, you see,
Which is far away, or pretty far,
At least if you don’t have a car.
I could get a ride off of a friend,
But alas, it’s closed on the weekend.
It’s not a tragedy, but I’m annoyed.
This is just what I wanted to avoid.
Furniture’s here but I can’t get it.
Paid for delivery. Now I regret it.
Learn from this, folks. Having it sent,
Just way too bloody inconvenient.

3 thoughts on “Shipping and Handling

  1. Too bad you don’t live in the USA, there’s always a guy with a pick up truck ready to help. That’s why guys buy ridiculously large pick up trucks in case somebody needs help, that way they can justify spending $50,000 dollars for a vehicle to their wife. LOL

    • And while there are a surplus of cute little city cars like the Toyota Aigo or the Chevy Shark, there are very few pick up trucks in Sweden. I guess that’s because no one picks up anything.

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