God hates Sweden and vice versa

We all know that God hates Sweden because the Westboro Baptist Church told us so.  But did you know that the reverse is also true: Swedes hate God(s)?  Or at least the liberal-fascist-socialist-communist-god-hating editors at Bonnier book publishing do.  How do I know?  I present to you the book by Elizabeth Gilbert called “Eat, Pray, Love.”  Now this book was so popular they made it into a movie starring Julia Roberts.  As we know when something becomes outrageously popular, like Harry Potter, it’s translated into a million different languages.  Sometimes translations fail, and sometimes they fail because of god(s)-hating atheists and their evil liberal agenda.

Lyckan, Karleken och Meningen med Livet (Swedish Edition)So the original title of the book is Eat, Pray Love.  But the evildoers changed that to Lyckankärleken och meningen med livet.  Which re-translated into English means, “Luck, Love, and the Meaning of Life.”  Terrible, terrible, terrible.  There’s no PRAY in there, not even any reference to EATing!  So not only do Swedes hate deities, they hate eating as well.  Of course being liberals they love the loving, so they left that part in.  As for the meaning of life, who knows?

2 thoughts on “God hates Sweden and vice versa

    • Well, to be fair, they only eat that on special occasions. Which is to say they gag it down with copious amounts of booze.

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