Those people…

Have you ever bought a newspaper and then forget to read it?  This happens to me all the time, especially with my favorite Sunday Editions of The New York Times.   At $6 dollars each, they are as expensive as a paperback novel, and probably contain as much writing.  I enjoy the Sunday New York Times, even though a lot of my peers give me grief for its liberal bias.  So what?  I watch Fox News too, and you can’t say that they don’t have a conservative bias.  You see, there’s two sides to every story, and I enjoy reading, listening, and watching both the liberals and the conservatives.  This entire country was founded on discourse, debate, and heaven forbid, compromise.

At any rate, last night I was cleaning up the man cave and I stumbled across the March 13, 2011 edition of The New York Times.  Good grief, that was a while ago.  The paper is already fading as some papers tend to do under the elements and time.  I’m now catching up on the past if you will.

Turning the pages I come to the Weddings/Celebrations pages in the Sunday Styles section.  I don’t know why, but I read the fabulous wedding announcements and I can’t help wonder, who the hell are those people, or is it, these people?  They look great, and reading their short bios I’m intrigued by how the majority of them come from wealthy families and places, have super awesome jobs, and are genuinely, not like us.  I’m lucky if I find a good deal at an outlet store, and these people are sporting the finest linens.

Not that I’m jealous, I’m just wondering what it would take for my sons to make it to the back pages of The New York Times Style section.  This fills me with a certain amount of dread that perhaps I’m not providing enough for my family in order to have this kind of lavish lifestyle.  I am partially comforted by the fact that I am able to provide for my family, we have clothes on our back, food on the table, a roof over our heads, health insurance, and books, oh yes, lots of books.  And yet I wonder about those people…

2 thoughts on “Those people…

  1. I love the Sunday New York TImes. While in Toronto once in a while I would buy the local New York edition. You had to pay extra for it, but it came with all of the extra inserts and tv guides and magazines and advertising and everything. It always took me about 6-8 weeks to get around to reading everything. When I go back this summer to Toronto I will probably try to get my hands on one in the last week I am there and bring it back to Stockholm untouched and just revel in in here for a while.
    Oh, and please, don’t tell me I can read it online here, because it is not the same experience. Not. At. All.

    • Yeah, I love the Sunday paper. There’s something about a real newspaper in your hands. I find myself devouring the whole thing, even reading the letters to the editor. Is it liberal? At times, but not overly so. What I hate is people who don’t think for themselves and can’t distinguish between when they are being fed propaganda and when they are not.

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