Alaska’s Finest

Ever since you went down south,
Not once have you ever shut your mouth.
You say so much and yet say nothing.
Meaningless words that just keep coming.

Which papers do you read daily?
How difficult can that question be?
Evade it. Avoid it. Talk around.
No direct answers to be found.

I really try but can’t figure out,
Just what on earth you’re talking about.
So please stop talking, take a breather.
Cause I don’t think that you know either.

You do not represent nor speak for me,
Former governor of Alaska, Sarah P.

14 thoughts on “Alaska’s Finest

  1. Yes, I think I know this person! Same one who blew the story of Paul Revere. (I live in MA.) Sad when someone who works in a high government position doesn’t even know U.S. History, makes you wonder how they got there in the first place!! Maybe there’s not too many people interested in politics in Alaska, so it was by default!! Great piece, really got the point across!!

    • That’s probably what happened with the “newspaper” incident. It was clear that question took her totally off guard.

      Anyway, I don’t mean to imply that Mamma Grizzly is stupid. I’m sure she received the best education that four or five of America’s finest state universites had to offer. I just wish she would stop these pageant contestant kinds of answers to questions, where she gives responses to questions (without really answering them) on topics that she clearly doesn’t understand. Then again, that skill has served her well in the world of politics.

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