Pity The Bitter Optimist

Pity the bitter optimist,
He wants to rant and shake his fist,
But just can’t seem to bring himself to do so,
He doesn’t want to think the best,
He knows the world’s completely messed,
From his mouth it never quite rings true though,
He’s certainly no giddy fool,
Thinks cynical is kind of cool,
But is cursed to always find the silver lining,
He’s tried to practice sneer and scowl,
Even worked up an evil growl,
Still he knows somewhere the sun is always shining,
He makes his outside sort of tough,
Wears shades and reads the darker stuff,
But somewhere inside lives Little Orphan Annie,
He’s even tried to turn to drink,
He thought it’d make him mean I think,
Found his ability to laugh is near uncanny,
So if you are pessimistic,
I’m afraid to him it won’t stick,
Despite the twisted ruse he tries so oft to borrow,
Yes his charade is oh so thin,
For very much to his chagrin,
He can’t help but hope for better things tomorrow.

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