Memorial Day Chicken Recipe

1.  Get some chicken.

2. Get a grill.

3. Take chicken pieces out and place in a bowl.  Pour olive oil all over the chicken and then add Old Bay Seasoning.  Put your hands in the bowl and mix chicken all around making sure that the olive oil and the seasoning cover all the surfaces.

4. Heat grill and then grill the chicken till it’s done.  Stick a thermometer in there so that you don’t get some kind of food poisoning.

5. Let’s recap:  Chicken, grill, olive oil, Old Bay Seasoning, bowl, heat, thermometer.  Done!

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Chicken Recipe

  1. Hmm…I may have to have someone send me some Old Bay seasoning. Actually my mom is coming to visit in a month. I can add it to her list of things to bring me.

  2. It was delicious, and the skin was crispy too. I did slow heat, and the last few minutes I cranked up the grill and crisped the skin.

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