They say patience is a virtue.  Bullshit!  I am not patient and I hate waiting.  When has waiting for anything ever been a good thing?  Do you enjoy waiting for your pizza?  Do you enjoy waiting for FedEx to deliver your package?  No, and hell no!  I will give waiting the benefit of the doubt, but it’s not looking good.  I might need your help.  Can you folks think of an occasion when waiting is a good thing?

3 thoughts on “Waiting

    • Fucking smartphone it was fully charged this morning and it’s already down to 30%, I’m also hungry, Miss Kitten hungry!

  1. Hunting.

    Pretty much everything I know about patience, I learned in the woods of Maine with a rifle in my hand, waiting for deer. As a 12 year old, standing in one place for hours, always in cold weather and often in freezing rain or snow waiting for a deer to wander by was the hardest thing I could possibly imagine. After a while though, I began to get into the rhythm of nature, and watching the trees sway in the wind became fascinating. I became attuned to my environment in a way I never had before. Today whenever I’m faced with an interminable wait, my mind goes back to those fall days in Kennebec county.

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