At the hospital


Being at the hospital is like being at an airport.  You are basically trapped in an artificial world.  There’s nothing natural about either place, and nobody wants to be there to begin with.  The food is terrible, the prices inflated, and there’s the dreadful possibility that some tragedy can befall you at any time. 

That being said, both hospitals and airports are wonderful places to people watch.  As any good writer knows, people watching is a skill you must possess.  People watching, and listening to their conversations can give you endless subject matter for your writing.  I don’t know how many times I’ve overheard a fascinating conversation that I simply had to run home and write about. 

Anyhow, Sharkette and I are at the hospital now waiting for her to go into surgery.  She is having her thyroid removed, a one day procedure, and I took PTO to be by her side.  Luckily the hospital has free WiFi and with WordPress and my Android phone, I’m hoping the day passes quickly and safely.

5 thoughts on “At the hospital

  1. I dislike hospitals, for sure. I mean does anyone honestly like them? My mother really dislikes them, though. She has anxiety problems and hospitals are one of her major triggers. Those and airports.

    Best wishes for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery for Sharkette!

  2. Do doctors and nurses know that we can hear everything they say behind the curtain? They tell us one thing and go behind the curtain and discuss another. Hello, we can still hear you!

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