The Judge Killed the Bibliophile Dream

I had a dream, and so did Google.   The dream was that all the libraries in the world, their archives, their shelves would be scanned by Google and uploaded to a digital world collection, available to everybody ─ for a cost of course.   I’m fine with paying for such a service if it would mean access to rare collections and to books that would be hard to find and get to physically.  But sadly a judge put an end to that dream.  I suppose he had some good reasons for his ruling:  copyright infringement, privacy concerns, etc.  Still, for just a few moments I thought I could just pull up a book that I wanted online, and send it to an on-demand Espresso Book Machine and have a copy of it!  Sadly that is not the case now.  RIP Google book project.

Words, words, glorious words! Give me all of your words!

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