My Favorite Thing

For those who love to read,
Then a Kindle’s what you need.
It’s the coolest thing I’ve got,
And I use it quite a lot.
It’s not overpriced and sad,
Like some slick and white iPad.
Oh, my precious Kindle reader,
Undisputed market leader!
It holds three thousand books,
And I love the way it looks.
I charge it once a month at most,
Which is surely worth a boast.
I just really want to sing,
About how I love this thing.
By now you must want one,
So come on and join the fun!

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Thing

  1. I find it very sad,
    People knocking the iPad;
    Mine is silver, not bright white,
    And I use it every night.
    I use it in the day,
    And I really have to say,
    It beats the Kindle tablet
    (iPad has a Kindle applet);
    Not just for reading books,
    Not just for its pretty looks;
    I can surf the Web and Twitter,
    I could buy some kitty litter
    (save I do not have a cat
    and that’s enough of that);
    I can write a book, or two,
    I can solve some Sudoku,
    Play some funky music, too,
    And a game called “Peekaboo”,
    Which my baby finds real funny,–
    The iPad’s worth the money;
    I guess my poem’s at an end,
    So I’ll stop and just press send…

    on my iPad 😉

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