Info Ovo

Back story, crack story,
Hooked on facts,
Give me info, give me stats,
Need to be in the know,
Let me see, let me show,
Who did what and where and how,
Need to know and know it now,
What’s that in the middle east?
How’s the planet, and the trees?
What’s with “B list” celebrities?
What’s new in science? Politics?
Who had flings? The latest tricks?
What’s hot on Youtube, and TV?
What does this quiz say about me?
What’s new in fashion? Latest looks?
Google all the latest books,
Take it all in, every drop,
Don’t know how to make it stop,
Soon I’m sure I will explode,
From information overload,
Need to learn to turn and shrug,
To reach down here and pull the pl…….

3 thoughts on “Info Ovo

  1. But it’s so hard to look away. It’s like driving past a trainwreck. One can’t help but crane one’s neck to see if there are any bodies in the wreckage…


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