My Well

There’s a well inside my core,
Used for one thing, nothing more,
To lock my deepest pain away,
So I don’t feel it every day,
Around the well my outer shell,
Filled with beauty, joy, troubles, strife,
The common stuff of daily life,
Most of the time I live up there,
Enjoying what life has to share,
But now and then there comes a twist,
I trip and stumble through the mist,
To the well, to visit pain so pure,
Is it bottomless? I’m never sure,
But I’m drawn back time and time again,
To revisit my heart’s pure pain,
There I wallow in what’s oft denied,
Till I slowly climb back up the side,
Leaving pain back down there on a shelf,
Till the cycle does repeat itself,
I return each time to the real world calling,
But worry one day I’ll just keep on falling……

10 thoughts on “My Well

  1. The similarity of our two posts gives me goosebumps. To you sorrow is a bottomless well. To me it’s a black ocean. We really are on the same page today.

  2. We should really should plan on doing just that someday.

    By the way, I’ll be in Stockholm for four days in July with my family. They want me to be their guide but I really don’t know the city that well. I’m not sure if you’ve got plans for July but I’d love it if you could join us for dinner or lunch one day and tell us about Stockholm.

  3. It’d be my pleasure! I’m leaving for Canada July 9th though.
    Just to be clear, you’re not asking me to get drunk with your family are you? Seems a little unusual, but hey, your call. ;o)

  4. Haha…no I’m not asking you to get drunk with my family, just to show us around. But I think we’re coming to the city on the 11th so you’ll have left by then.

    At some point, though, we should get together for a session. Either here or there.

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