The British Prime Minister pledged to invest £650million in Pakistani schools

Today’s rant is about the British Government, which is most unusual for me because I generally keep those comments to myself but I am currently outraged so much so that I had to put fingers to keyboard.

A recent study by the UN’s education arm UNESCO revealed corruption is so rife that many classrooms, teachers and school children for which cash is being claimed have never existed. And, even if money pledged by David Cameron does end up in bona fide schools, they are at risk from the Taliban – who have already destroyed hundreds. The vile terrorists target girls as they do not believe women should be educated. And they even use children to carry bombs into class. Experts estimate some 5,000 children – some as young as seven – are trained as suicide bombers.

And how is it that Britain can afford such a generous offering of aide I hear you ask yourself, well that comes from the cash savings made from cuts to Britain’s Armed Forces – while Pakistan is spending £1.7billion on its own defences….not to mention our own education budgets has been slashed.

The Pakistani PM believes extremism is born out of illiteracy yet does nothing about it until the offer of free millions from the UK taxpayer via Cameron arrives. Why should WE pay for their inability to deal with extremism when their PM knows the reason why it is spreading?  They can only afford six new Chinese submarines and 36 fighter aircraft because idiots like Cameron take our money and provides the things they should be providing.

Now don’t get me wrong I am aware Pakistan’s government has failed to provide its people with primary education, but for the country’s long-term stability surely it’s more important than spending on defence and security.

The UK will have no control of the curriculum in schools receiving funding, meaning taxpayers could see their money pumped into madrassas peddling extremism.

How do I explain to my bright 14 year old daughter, who is now questioning her further education because of ever increasing university costs that there will be no funding by our own government because we tax payers are sending £650m out to Pakistan for their children’s education!!!

What is this country coming to??

6 thoughts on “The British Prime Minister pledged to invest £650million in Pakistani schools

  1. Question (tangential): What is the (tax) revenue source for schools in the UK?

    I’m not sure how unique this is but we have school districts in the US based on geography. Depending on the state, your local taxes are the ones that fund a school board. The revenue doesn’t come from an account at the state level (or city for that matter). That said, I cannot even begin to fathom how some of the wealthier areas of Pennsylvania (North Carolina is far too fucked up to even cite as an example) would revolt at the notion of their local tax dollars going to fund a school in any part of the world, regardless of political climate and challenges.

    As for the bigger issue of lending money to build schools in lands not our own, it’s tough. We recognize that there are significant issues for women, primarily, in countries less affluent than our own and I wouldn’t be the least bit upset if we were embracing that whole “it takes a village” thing to ensure women around the globe had access to education.

    That said – when your PM is currently slashing a budget to the point where the necessary services are not being delivered to the citizen/taxpayer yet they are going elsewhere, I would be standing outside with a torch and pitchfork.

    There really needs to be a shift in paradigm as it relates to financial management in government. There also needs to be some protection for the tax payer who rightfully deserves a return on investment. That Moozey Jr could fall prey to a system that is being pecked bloody and dry is an outrage.

    Is it so naive to think that children, regardless of gender and geography, should have access to critical things such as an education? This includes the ones at home that are oft overlooked for other purposes, be it foreign aid or the basic financial burdens of running a government?

    Revenue is not an unlimited resource and while I appreciate how and why cuts are made, I do believe that we need to have our sacred cows and I firmly believe that education should be one of them.

    • I just irks me to know that we are struggling financially, no payrises, large inflation, tax gone up, national insurance contributions gone up, and we seem to be getting less and less for our money. Not to mention we are about to dip into our seriously depleted coffers to assist Portugal and with Spain biting at their heals, I just don’t see how we can continue to help when we can’t help ourselves. Our Health Service is stuggling as they too are dealing with huge budgetary cuts and yet it seems the powers that be are happy to plow our money into another country’s economy.

      I don’t begrudge people having access to education far from it but I do begrudge it when we end up suffering and their government knows they have a problem and are happier plowing all their money into their defense programme.

  2. Yeah, I can understand giving aid to different countries, but sometimes you just know it will be a goat fuck, so why even bother?

  3. Shark you might want to consider politics. I would love to hear someone stand up in The House of Parliament or The Congress and say “Madamme Speaker, This Honourable Member will not be party to a goat fuck!”

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