An Ode to Spring

You shine away my winter woes and thaw my frozen heart.
You warm my toes and gently force the flower buds apart.
You also bring the pollen breeze,
Which gets up my nose and makes me sneeze.
But, I’d rather have you here than not.
No spring would be an awful thought.
So, I’ll stockpile antihistamines,
And trade winter blues for springtime greens.

11 thoughts on “An Ode to Spring

    • Thanks! Although I just realized that the word ‘amphetamines’ should really be ‘antihistamines.’ Hehe. It doesn’t really work with the meter of the line, though. I think one subtle change should fix it.

  1. Love it! I find it very Ogden Nashish, which is praise coming from me because I think he’s, well, the cat’s meow. ;o)
    It was pretty funny with amphetamines too though.
    Picturing a commercial:
    “Spring and summer in Sweden don’t really last,
    Take forever to come, and then go by so fast,
    Use our amphetamines, they’ll give you a blast,
    You’ll get much more done before summer has passed!”

    • Lol, and the second verse:

      It’s summertime! And what you need
      Is a good old fashioned dose of speed.
      Why spend your summer nights asleep
      When speed’s so fast acting and so cheap?

  2. 🙂 so you had me thinking how lovely this is and then a LOL moment from me:) I loved that middle line about how pollen makes you sneeze… But I agree!!! I would rather have greens than winter blues! (however I enjoy the beauty of snow.. but only for a few weeks;) )

  3. Thanks! I actually wrote this piece last spring before I started posting on Poetry Picnic. I dusted it off for this week because it’s perfect for this theme.

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