WOTD: invigilate

It’s a verb innit, and it’s what I’m doing right now.

Its root word is the noun “vigil” which is defined as 1. “a watch kept during normal sleeping hours” or 2. “the act or period of observing; surveillance.”

Therefore, to invigilate someone or something is to keep an watchful eye on it. The word is used particularly to describe the act of observing people taking exams.

Several interesting words rhyme with invigilate, thusly:

Is is necessary,
To invigilate.
Though it does not,
Really stimulate.
So be wary,
And do concentrate.

Word of the Day: this is not the SAT

Miss Kitten and Shark are otherwise preoccupied this evening.  Therefore, the High Priestess will fill in.  Please do not expect much.


  1. having many syllables : long
  2. given to or characterized by the use of long words <a sesquipedalian television commentator>

Origin of sesquipedalian:  Latin sesquipedalis, literally, a foot and a half long, fromsesqui- + ped-, pes foot — more at foot

Example:  Concatenate is a sesquipedalian way of saying the word link.