Random Misanthrope’s…

….Go Fuck Yourself Weekly!!!

Since my return from my self-imposed exile, I have refrained from scribbling about politics because, at this point, it’s pretty much like shooting fish in a barrel.  It’s effortless skewering requiring little thought – these idiots write the material themselves.  All we need to do is read any old newspaper (note:  NOT BLOG.  A blog is not a legitimate news source, you right winged asshats.  Neither is a newsletter from your local “I have a throbbing hard-on for the 2nd Amendment” gun club.) and it’s all there in its glory.  Be it from Palin, LePage (a personal favorite of mine), Chris “Governor Sammiches” Christie or Rand Paul – it is an infinite font of stupid.  Thus, I have been reluctant to dispense of the stink-eye because *everyone* is doing that and Kang is not a joiner.  Kang is a trendsetter.  Remember that.  ಠ_ಠ

Until today.

Until I had some inspiration.  Or…several sources of inspiration.

Aside from my daily devouring of various LIEberal (tut tut tut) media websites, I also troll for memes and keep a reasonable cache of them for quick and easy reference.  I do this because, sadly, my humor is not far removed from that of a 12 year old boy or the average 4chan user. The more ridiculous the meme the better, too.  For instance – take any children’s show, slap adult language on top of it and I’ll keel over with laughter.  It has become the visual version of the “what do you call a guy with no arms and no legs?” jokes that, for whatever reason, bring forth a laughter induced asthma attack.  Not only am I a cheap date, I’m easily amused by dad jokes and shit.

Between the reading of the news and the trolling of the memes, I thought “Hmmm…it’s been years since we have done any sort of writing exercises.  The last time I had posted any asshole du jour spleen vents was back when Kang World was still Kang World – 2008, mebbe?  What if I tried a serial?  Do I have the attention span and stamina for that?”  Welp – let’s find out.  And let’s give it a catchy title, too.  How about:  “Random Misanthrope’s Go Fuck Yourself Weekly?”  A nice lilt.  No irritating alliteration.  Includes the word “fuck.”  Ok, possible.  I might get bored and change things if I find it’s not succinct enough.  Or, I might get bored and forget about it altogether (the more likely of the two possibilities).  But let’s just amuse the strange lady and let her have her moment, shall we?

The inaugural installment of Random Misanthrope’s Go Fuck Yourself Weekly is dedicated to the junior senator from my current state (how I miss living in a Commonwealth.  It sounds much more dignified.), Thom Tillis.

Thom Tillis.  Think about this for a second.  Thom.  Thom with an h.  This annoys me.  This annoys me almost as much as Toms who spell their names with the letter ö.  No, assholes, your names are not pronounced “Teum” so, for fuck’s sake, stop using a letter that has no place in American English.  Just stop it.  And to you, Senator Tillis…learn to spell.  You’re making us Southerners look bad.

Once upon a time, Pa Tillis and Ma Tillis birthed a baby in Jacksonville, FL, America (see…he’s not even from here.  Wait…most of us aren’t.  Never mind.).  Being born a white male in the United States, this lad was destined for great things and a life of marginal leisure.  After frittering about at two universities (1/2 the amount of colleges attended by Sarah Palin), he managed to obtain his sheepskin at the tender age of 36.  According to Wikipedia, the source of all things correct and valid, Senator Tillis’ life of public service began shortly after moving to suburban Charlotte and serving on the park board for his town (Leslie Knope or Leslie NOPE).  After serving as town commissioner for two years and getting a taste of that sweet, sweet nectar that is power, Tillis set his eyes on a higher branch of government, The State House of Representatives.

Really?  Who the fuck cares.  The guy is our junior senator because the evil Koch brothers bought an election and threw an otherwise competent and exceedingly moderate senator out on her ass (Sorry, Kay.  I tried.  I really tried.).

Yesterday (see how interested I am in the body politic these days), Thom-with-an-h makes some noise news.  This bastion of Conservative Values® thinks that people who work in the food service industry should be freed of the yoke of socialist oppression and have the freedom to decide whether or not to wash their own damn hands (soap optional) after throwing mud, as our Founding Fathers intended.  I guess that’s reducing the stranglehold of the nanny state?  But…he does feel that a sign should be posted (so, would that not be a form of…regulation????).  Ultimately, Senathor Thillis feels the Frhee Marketh will remedy the situation and the businesses that don’t make their employees engage in appropriate hygiene practices will go under.  That’s great, Thom.  What happens in the interim when one of the poorly paid line cooks comes back from his trip to the potty with a ½ wiped ass and unclean paws and gives everyone an extra serving of E. Coli with their barbecue?  Please refrain from saying the market will take care of that.  It won’t.  Now shut up and sit down before I make you sit in a corner or something.

So, for the man who thinks that public health is a non-issue, the man who thinks excrement the perfect flavor enhancer for any meal – all I have to say is “Congratulations for being the first in a line of an esteemed many!” or until I get bored with the concept of Random Misanthrope’s Go Fuck Yourself Weekly.

Hugs and kisses

Go fuck yourself