The Blink Of An Eye

The blink of an eye,
A lifetime comes swirling and twirling on by,
Leaving childhood memories,
Flitting stark through their haze,
As you lay there in bed near the end of your days,
While half worlds away I’m moved gently to tears,
With a soft reminisce through our parallel years,
To think that those times that we spent long ago,
Still live deep within us in ways we don’t know,
To come back in an instant when lately I hear,
You lay there in bed,
Your last days drawing near.

Word of the Day: sorrow

Today’s word is a feeling. It’s similar to sadness but it has a different quality. Sadness is fleeting and shallow and easy to overcome. Tripping into a mud puddle while walking home in a downpour with no umbrella might make you sad. But a hot bath and a steaming mug of hot chocolate is all it takes to make your sadness disappear.

Sorrow, on the other hand, is not like tripping into a mud puddle.

Sorrow is like sinking into a deep inky black ocean. Its blackness envelops you as it pulls you down, down, down to the bottom.

The expression “drowning in sorrow” is a fairly accurate description of what it feels like. Often it takes a fully-mounted rescue operation to pull you out of it. But just remember that when you emerge from that deep ocean of pure sorrow, you’ll have a greater understanding and appreciation of pure joy.

“Sorrow is tranquillity remembered in emotion.”
Dorothy Parker