Mr. Tangerine Man

Hey! Mr. Tangerine Man, get away from me.
You’re so creepy, and I don’t know where you’re coming from.
Hey! Mr. Tangerine Man, get away from me,
With your little sausage fingers you’re so proud of.

Though I know that people love you, and I just don’t understand.
Loyal to your brand.
So blindly follow you, though you’re so creepy.
And your appeal amazes me, grows bigger every day.
Endorsed by the KKK
They’re white supremacists. This doesn’t bother you.

Hey! Mr. Tangerine Man, you are scaring me.
I’m uneasy about your fake tan and your hair do.
Hey! Mr. Tangerine Man, you are scaring me.
You’re so racist and the people keep on following you.

Right over a cliff, towards the apocalypse.
Their senses have been stripped, as you smirk and purse your lips.
Your hands too small to steer the ship, cannot wait to get a grip,
On the nuclear codes.
But first we gotta keep the Mexicans out, so we’ll build a great big wall.
Over two hundred feet tall, and make them pay for it all.
You promise that will show them.

Hey! Mr. Tangerine Man, get away from US.
I entreaty you to leave the United States alone.
Hey! Mr. Tangerine Man, get away from US.
Do not dilly dally, just shut up and just go home.


(to the tune of These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things)

Sill and potatis, and strawberries too,
Dance round the pole because they tell you to,
Act out små grådarna in a big ring,
Although you know it’s a quite foolish thing,
More nursery rhymes acted out willy nilly,
But just a few schnapps and you don’t feel so silly,
With all of the food, and the drink thrown your way,
No wonder it feels like the longest day,
Friends and family
Get together,
Full of fun and cheer,
And if you’re not a Swede,
It’s still generally agreed,
It’s the most Swedish you’ll feel,
All year!


(To be sung to the tune of “Piggies” by the Beatles.)

Have you seen the little kitties,
Lying on the bed?
And for all the little kitties
Life is getting sad.
Always having beds,
To lie around on.

Have you seen the bigger kitties,
With their scratching posts?
You can see them all day scratching,
With their little toes.
Gripping with their claws,
To make them sharper.

Eating food and without paying,
Human slaves they bring it all to them.
Running, sleeping, licking, playing.
What they need’s a damn good spraying!

Everywhere there’s lots of kitties,
Living kitty lives.
You can see them outside hunting,
Little birds and mice.
Trying to entice,
The little mice in.