See! See?

Insight. It’s a simple word,
Whose meaning is quite often blurred,
When you can’t see past your nose.
So wrapped up in feeling hurt;
Your victim mode on high alert,
To see you’re “one of those”,
One of those who come what may,
Just can’t see the role they play,
Blame others when you step on your own toes,
So try and try as others might,
There’s just no way to force insight,
You’re so wrong you can’t see right,
Drowning in your  “woe is me”,
You’ll need more than therapy,
To ever help you see!  See?

It’s A Good Life

It’s a good life,
Cuz I said it is,
And it’ll be the way I see it,
Anything I want to be,
I’m gonna damn well be it,
No time to waste on people who
are whining in frustration,
Too blind to know the seeds they sow,
affect their situation,
It’s a good life,
Cuz I see it.

It’s a good life,
Cuz I’ve decided
Decided that’s the way I want it,
No negativity drawing shit to me,
If I’ve trouble, I don’t flaunt it,
What I believe, how I perceive,
Counts most I’m well aware,
That’s why the well-known victim badge,
Is one that I don’t wear,
It’s a good life,
Cuz I’ve decided!