I’m feeling kind of giddy now that it’s December first,
This year’s been kind of shiddy,
Many might call it the worst,
I don’t have to rhyme the reasons,
Cuz you know them well enough,
Suffice to say that there’s been way,
Way way way too much stuff,
So one more month to get through,
Then it’s twenty-twenty-one,
And this annus horribilis,
Is officially done,
Now don’t get me wrong,
Chances are strong,
We’re not out of the woods,
It’s still not clear whether the new year,
Will deliver the goods,
Let me just say this,
Full of vinegar and piss,
I’m feeling kind of feisty,
How this year goes,
Nobody knows,
We’ll wait and we just might see,
But I shout it now,
From the highest bough,
And I don’t mean to be crass,
If twenty-twenty-one,
Is a twenty-twenty rerun,
I’m prepared to kick its ass!
–Ken Donner

2020 Vision: New Decade’s Eve Thoughts

There didn’t used to be such things as years.

There were seasons, summers, winters, moments. But these weren’t reckoned in the modern way. Folks knew what to expect by observing the cycles of nature.

The concept of time was not measured by the clock, but was understood to be evidence of predictable change.

At some point, however, we decided to number and to name the natural cycles, while at the same time still adhering to their rhythm. To do otherwise could mean starvation, deprivation, and eventual death.

Great learned men, scholars, and theologians decided for the rest of us when the so-called common era began, based entirely on supposition.

Because of them, we now view time not as the occurrence of change, but as a ticking clock, with its eras and hours, minutes and millennia, days and decades.

Its relentless march resounds in our ears like the pounding of a drum, reminding us with each passing moment that we are that much closer to the moment of our own death.

Yet, we still observe the passage of a year with a celebration, even though one year rolling over into a next one is not particularly special.

Could this be a hold over from earlier times, when surviving a year really was something noteworthy?

Anyway, Happy New Year.
Happy Surviving 2019.
Happy New Decade.