Natural End

Little ducklings swim behind,
In a single file line,
Little mother mallard duck,
But they’re running out of luck.
There were six and then just five.
Must be hard to stay alive.
For with every passing day,
One more duckling goes away.
There were five and then just four.
The other ones are seen no more.
So then in a shorter line,
Swim the ducklings from behind.
There were four and then just three.
But no trace that one could see.
Not a whisper of their song.
They’ve just vanished, simply gone.
There were three and then just two.
What’s a mother duck to do?
Mother Nature is so cruel,
Knows no right, nor wrong, nor rule.
There were two and then just one.
But they never can outrun,
Mother Nature, who’s so kind,
She left one duckling behind.